Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weighing scales are beneficial for cancer treatment

A microscopic weighing scale is able to measure the weight of cells with an accuracy of a few trillionths of a gram. This incredibly delicate weighing scale could play a role in the treatment of cancers, the creators at MIT noted. By constantly measuring the weight of cells, it is possible to observe growth in time, and that gives you an idea about how effective your cancer treatment is. Specifically, the response of cells to a chemical compound, in terms of growth rate, gives doctors more information about individual responses to cancer treatment.

Cells can be individually measured by leading them through extremely small fluid channels, that are just 10 to 15 micrometers in diameter. It is possible to trap the cells there, which allows various sensors to do measurements on individual cells, to assess their weight. A computer-controlled mechanism directs a constant flow of cells, of which occasionally one gets trapped in the small channels. The continuous flow makes that scientists are able to monitor the cells in time.

By administering a drug to cancer cells, for example, scientists can measure in time what happens to the average weight of a cancer cell. This tells us something about the cellular response to the drug, and thus how effective the therapy is for an individual. Because the cells are immersed in fluid, it is easy to determine what happens to the cells when a drug is added. This provides a novel assessment in the treatment of cancer, which might improve the accuracy of the diagnosis when the microscopic weighing scales are found fit for clinic use.

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