Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chocolate consumption reduces cardiovascular disease

At the university of Cambridge, scientists discovered that eating chocolate is not only pleasant, it is also healthy. Combining various studies showed that high chocolate consumption decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease with 37 percent. When only considering stroke, the researchers found a decrease in risk of 29 percent. A result many of us will welcome, considering chocolate is something people enjoy eating. However, before indulging in the consumption of vast amounts of the brown goods, do realize that chocolate will still make you fat. The meta-study by the British researchers comprised of a total of 114,000 people.

Because the study consisted of putting together a large dataset from various studies, the researchers gave no explanation for the underlying mechanism that could possibly explain the beneficial effects of chocolate consumption. However, the mechanistic effect of chocolate in the body sparks a lot of interest, so no doubt that we will see a fair amount of research on the matter. I suppose it will not be hard to find participants in a study regarding the consumption of chocolate.

I wonder, if in the future it will be possible to get chocolate bars refunded from your medical insurance.

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