Friday, December 9, 2011

NASA releases beautiful pictures of the sun

We see our sun every day when we look up to the sky, and we can feel its rays warming up the Earth and our bodies. Though, it's hard to see what this magnificent large fireball really looks like up close. NASA, after releasing a beautiful video of the Earth, has released a couple of close-up pictures that give a detailed look of the star of our solar system. You will find the pictures after the break, but for those interested, there is also a nice video of the moon, made by German astronomers.

The pictures were taken at different wavelengths, explaining the difference in colours. The last one shows the sun much like the way we would observe it with our own eyes. But the other ones are much more spectacular of course. Especially the one in red, which confirms to our belief that the sun is a blazing hot fireball.

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